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What is the right size dance shoes?

When you decide to buy your dance shoes for first time, what are the important matters you should check? Most of dance shoesmakers presented their Shoe Size Guideline Chart. They make it based on the actual feet length and width(ball girth) and show the shoe size such as US, EU, UK as references.

So, it's easy?

However, finding right size of shoes are never easy, especially dance shoes.

Dance shoes are different when you compare them by buying normal street shoes. Briefly, the good dance shoes feature as follows.

- Their shape is normally rounded toe box

- The design structure shall support their movement well.

- Not too tight, not too loose

- And, no pain at least just during wearing or simply walking on them. never, ever!!


Depends on each design, the fit shall be different.

It is Greta in Ivory. Greta is the race-up booties and tied up in the instep of feet. They're stable and comfortable style. In Greta, you can consider one or half size up.

It's also different on the heel height. Lower heels are more comfortable, of course, and it might not be necessary to be fit well than the mid or high heels. Because you can use your weight or other muscles more easily to be stable in your movement.

Finally, there is a 'fit' you prefer. You can ask the seller about their shoes last and design feature. They have more information and willing to help you, sure.

Here are tips for finding the right shoe size.

Tip #1 - Measuring your feet. Your feet are different at each morning and afternoon. Usually, in the afternoon, your feet are swollen. Check how to measure your feet(link)

Tip #2 - Most people feet size are not the same. So don't worry if your feet are so different. It's normal. Just give us the actual feet length and width.

Tip #3 - Give us your normal shoe size, specifically the heel height or style you want to buy.

Tip #4 - After all consulting and talk in detail, if you get your new shoes, please try them on carpet or soft rug.

Tip #5 - Standing straight and you stretched your all toes in the shoes. Distributed your weight on each toe and check there is anything on them. Check the front of toe and the heel of foot is not too tight or blocked.

Tip #6 - Yes, a little tight shoes are the right one because of the high quality dance shoes made in good leather. Whenever you're wearing them, the shoes will be loose on your feet and fit well.

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