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We're making shoes only for you.


We make the shoes by hands of the skilled shoemaker. As hand-made shoes, basic options are possible to put on the shoes. Such as wide ball width, more cushion, longer straps and so on. Please give us full information of your feet. We will offer the best fit with lovely shoes. 



Custom Order 

Please fill the below form out and email us if you want to add your own special colors with the shoes. You can just send a simple drawing or email us.



Balboa Zin Shoes makes 2cm to 6cm heels. Heels shapes can be different by the shoes size. 

Additional Cushions 

Balboa Zin Shoes has the cushion as basic option. If your feet has the specific condition and needs more cushions, it would be deal as a customer order. The extra cushions need 

For bunion, hallux valgus, we can put more cushions. Please understand they are not any medical supports. 


Our shoes start to make right after get an order. Usually it takes 2 weeks to make shoes and 1 or 2 weeks for delivery. We deliver the shoes all over the world via air fright parcel service, EMS and EMS premium service. It depends on each countries post office system. 

Over two pairs, we can offer the special delivery cost. Please check on us. 

Freight Charge by EMS

  • United States, Canada - 28.00 USD

  • EU, United Kingdom, Russia - 28.00 USD  

  • China - 20.00 USD

  • Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand - 18.00 USD

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