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The Size Guide is based on the global common length and ball girth of feet. And also considered our shoe-last shape. Our shoe-last made for the activity like a dance, so they're comfortable and well balanced. Each shoes-last has a rounded toe box. 

The customer's feet measurements will be helped to find the excellent fit. 

Depending on the shoe design style, shoe size can be slightly different such as peep-toe, sandals, oxford booties, flats and so on. Or you can prefer the particular fit when you wear the shoes. No one know your feet better than you. Please share your issues with us and we can find you a way. 

Shoes Size Chart
Measuring feet length 

Stand up straight so that the weight of your body is distributed on your feet. Keep the pencil as vertically as possible, then trace down your foot shape. 


Measure foot length by millimeters. 

Measuring ball girth

As in the image below, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your foot by starting at the joint where your big toe begins, wrapping the tape measure around your foot once, and ending at the joint where your little toe begins. 

First, most people doesn't have the same size feet. One is bigger than other. So we recommend both foot measurement. Sometimes it's a little bit bothering you but it's definitely worth it.

Second, feet circumference(ball girth) is almost the same with feet length. 1:1. If your feet are not, you're narrow circumference. Otherwise, it's wide.

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