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Balboa Zin 

The start is,

When I started dancing, there were no swing dance shoes, especially Balboa shoes brands in Korea. Someday I had asked politely if you could make shoes like this as I was entering into a shoe craft shop at the street and showing a picture of shoes. After then, gradually making shoes for dancers, students, and members of the performance team. As I was making a rough website with HTML, it was really interesting because inquiries from overseas came in.

The ​most first order was from Europ. And then so brave Russian dancers group orders arrived. It was so difficult to deliver the right size just by the length and ball girth. For a while, the sizing matter was homework I should figure it out perfectly. 

Vintage style dance shoes,

Due to the influence of World Wars I, II, it was inevitably different from the fashion style before that time. As the war and the Great Depression made it difficult to supply genuine cow leather, the shoemakers naturally tried various materials. At the time, the biggest trend was to prioritize practicality while pursuing its own beauty and style. Various shoe designs began at the time or passed through fashion and continued to the present day. For example, oxford walking shoes for women, wedges, peep-toe, ankle straps, one-straps, slingbacks, etc.

Practical means a shoe that doesn't burden your daily life and can be worn for a long time and is a design that doesn't get bored easily. The fashion of the times when the style was not neglected while prioritizing the functional aspect, the shoes that can rely on even bigger movements, these are the vintage style dance shoes we pursue.


Again, from the beginning,

​Starting with the last work, recreating the pattern, and finishing the work of looking into the detailed processes, I am now going to the next step as a vintage style dance shoe. It is still not easy to work, but we will continue to pursue vintage lifestyle fashion based on the experience and knowledge we have accumulated so far.






Designed by dancer

Inspired by Classic Vintage Styled


expert shoe manufacturing 


Direct-To-Customer price, 

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