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What is my customized option? 

Without additional charge, we supply the option such as ball width, adding more cushion, change of out-sole from the brushed leather sole to plastic urethane beige sole for outdoor, not a dance floor. 


Particular leather color combinations can be added a little on the shoe price because it takes more time and effort to find and make it. 


I am not sure my size in your shoes.


Our shoe-last made for the activity like a dance, so they're comfortable and well balanced. Each shoes-last has a rounded toe box. As dance shoes, we highly recommend a little bit tight fit, specially high heels. 


Our shoe-last has a rounded toe box so it's really similar as the actual feet measurement. ​The customer's feet measurements will be helped to find the excellent fit. Depending on the shoe design style, shoe size can be slightly different such as peep-toe, sandals, oxford booties, flats and so on. Or you can prefer the particular fit when you wear the shoes. No one know your feet better than you. Please share your issues with us and we can find you a way

And please give us your other shoe size such as US, EU size. 


How long is the estimated delivery? 

->  We expect two weeks for making shoes and 1 or 2 weeks for delivery but due to the current global situation, it takes a little bit longer.

Can I order a customized design or materials for my special occasions. 

Yes, you can. We love to talk about any idea of shoes with the customer. Please give us any picture and the color combination. to our email

​​How much they will be?

It really depends on what design and materials you want. If you want to add or some color combination change in the present Balboa Zin Shoes, it could be from 5 USD. If they're the entirely new design we never tried before, it's better you need to ask the price. Normally it's from 200.00 USD. 

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