How to order a customized design for special occasions. 

If you have some occasion for your special day or try to wear the design only for you, please contact us. You can just send the design you want and the material you want and the color combination you want to our email 

The customized-designed shoes will be exactly the same as well?

Probably not. It's a kind of recreate of shoes. Usually, we are making this customized design shoes with only one picture. And then it is processed on many shoes making steps such as pattern making, tailoring. Sometimes it's difficult to find the similar leather or the heel shape in the design. 

How much they will be?

It really depends on what design and materials you want. If you want to add or some color combination change in the present Balboa Zin Shoes, it could be from 5 USD. If they're the entirely new design we never tried before, it's better you need to ask the price. Normally it's from 175.00 USD. 


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